DJ Mastermind, or Jan Woldhuis (DJ Mastermind’s name in the real world of Appingedam, NL, where he lives), was infected with the music drug 20 years ago, when he started his career at two old turntables. Back then, he was playing swingbeat and hip hop. After being the resident DJ of a youth centre and the local discotheque, DJ Mastermind discovered the magic music of the house-scene.

During this discovery, he got more and more interested in the house-scene and its music. His parents were not very happy with his choice to go into the house-scene because of its repeating banging beats and sounds, but they accepted it and supported their son unconditional. With the support of his parents, DJ Mastermind started to visit house-parties where he, in the early nineties, got to know House music.

After a short time, DJ Mastermind produced his own CD with a friend (michel lodewegen), the first full album of house-producers in The Netherlands. The album was a success! This success was also noticed by ID&T, the biggest Dutch company in the house-scene. Mindcrimers got a contract and they released several tracks on albums like Thunderdome and Hellsound. ID&T also released some 12”’s of Mindcrimers. Mastermind also spinned records at parties anywhere in The Netherlands, including the famous Thunderdome parties.

In this period, Mastermind was one of the presenters of “Happy Hour”, a program on the radio dedicated to the house-scene and –music. Lots of famous guests have been in this show, like Paul Elstak, Buzz Fuzz, Weirdo and others. Mastermind also organized house-parties with these well known DJ’s. Some of the parties were filmed by TMF, Netherlands’ number one music channel on TV, where Mindcrimers were interviewed.

After a long time in the hardcore-house-scene, DJ Mastermind decided to go his own way and stopped his Mindcrimers-career. He started a new one, also in the house-scene, but with another style: hardstyle. This proves to be a good choice, because ID&T came back to him and offered him another contract. With his solo-career as a DJ, he also started his international career. His first international parties were in Germany and Belgium where he played in several places.

After winning a DJ contest in Germany, Mastermind was asked to play at the turntables in Salou (thnx René 4 believe in me, always on my mind). In this well known party-city he met Mental Theo, one of Holland’s most famous DJ/VJ’s. Mental Theo was impressed by Mastermind’s skills and asked him to play in his club at Mallorca.

Back at home, DJ Mastermind could not sit still and started producing again. This time again with another friend (jelmer van lewe) and not without success. His tracks were found fresh, hard and renewing by the famous international DJ/Producer and member of the Dreamteam: The Prophet.

DJ Mastermind played in April of 2006 in Bulgaria, and he was the first Dutch DJ ever who played there. His set was a mix of Early Hardcore and Hardstyle. In September 2006 Mastermind will go back again to Bulgaria to play @ party’s.

Also DJ Mastermind is 50% producer and Dude of DiZorder, Fundamental J’s and ReCap.
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This story of DJ Mastermind continues….

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